Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

We as teenagers are often asked, what do you want to do in life?

An artist? An engineer? A doctor? What?

Well, I do not know what exactly do I want to be…

But what I want to do is dig deep into the roots of ancient India; The history, the culture, the people’s traditions of my country…

The world’s most ancient knowledge of meds, science, art was all there in my motherland.

Our home-cooked are still cooked with mustard oil, coconut oil, and varied other oils… Which now after years have been proved to have health benefits… A few if counted, mustard oil blocks the re-growth of cancer cells and microbial; similarly, coconut oil helps to reduce symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. We, the modern youth, often do not know the science behind how do these happen, but our ancestors knew, and hence deep-rooted in our food recipes.

Many of us Indians feel disheartened and unhappy because of the huge 1.39 billion population we have. We often think it to be a barrier to scale our growth. But what if we think the other way? We have a huge reservoir of abundant minds with different talents.

Bihar’s literacy rate is 63.82% (this is what google says), these are official figures; ground reality is generally worse. The question is why so? The world’s most ancient Nalanda University is located there. That way the Biharis must be high intellects! What’s getting them down? Opportunities?

We all live in a competitive world, and our education system has made it more comparative. Friends generally do not complement each other to solve a purpose efficiently, they compete to see who is better. This ranking system somehow does not get people to work for good, but they compete to be better than someone in the same space. Two people with complimenting skills always better the environment rather than a completing setup that pollutes the aura.

Our country has an immense resource, it needs to get smarter and get polished to shine brighter.

It’s we the youth who needs to be responsible for what we wish to see and be defined as.

Agri-tech entrepreneur